4 Website Design Features That Will Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

The web contains over one billion websites but an optimised website with an enticing online presence will increase your customers and sales dramatically. If your website is not gaining a lot of traffic, the leading web designers in harrow will give you steps to make your website Stand Out From The Crowd.


Informative videos including video testimonials


A website can look stunning but if it lacks informative information and contains old content it can lead to a lack of trust amongst your customer base. Client testimonials are a great way to garner trust and to bolster your reputation. Video tutorials and reviews can not only help search engine optimisation (SEO) but show that you are up to date with current trends and news.


Engaging and Original Imagery


Original photography, that is specific to your brand, will give your website a great first impression to your customer base. Although stock photos are an easier option they can start to become very expensive and you will find other websites in your niche using the same photos which in turn,  will not allow you stand out from the crowd. Our web design company in harrow can assist with original photography which will reinforce your values and brand.


Website optimisation – Your website should load quickly


Your customers are very busy and impatient so they expect everything now. If your website takes over 5 seconds to load, majority of potential customers will leave. If you really want to stand out from the crowd your website harrows leading web designers can offer you a website optimisation package which will enhance user experience and improve your seo.


Engage in online marketing


Although you may engage in search engine optimisation, good old fashioned marketing is still a great way to make your website visible and stand out from the crowd. Guest blogging and telling people about your website on social media platforms and networking events are a great way to bring in more traffic. Everyone loves a bargain so offer services & products for free eg free ebooks, free logos and any training courses which will lead to other paid services.

The items discussed above will ensure that your website will stand out from the crowd. If your require some more advice contact our web design company now

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