The benefits of Google amp

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open source project that loads lightning fast optimised content to a mobile device It shows reformatted content which strips out technologies such as java script and caches the content within google. This means that amp pages on average load up to 10 times faster than traditionally web pages.

Google has stated that the usage of amp does not directly increase your serp results but it has also been noted that it could enhance your search engine optimisation due to clicks, impressions and user experience.

The benefits of amp are

Lightening quick webpage speeds

Priority in search results

Increased visibility for publishers

Display pages in visually dominating carousels

Support for Google adwords

The content which is recommended to use with amp are news articles, videos, blogs and photographs. Google has provided us with a testing tool enable you to see what amp page will look like on a mobile device. To enable amp on your website digital website design can develop an integration with your CMS to generate AMP which means your content will be serving AMP HTML pages.

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