Mast Security

Maritime Security Website Design


Mast Security approached us to build an automated risk map system and convert their website to be multilingual.

MAST is a global maritime security company which offers international clients the ability to receive 24 hour security support in complex and dangerous environments.

The Process

Website Wireframe

Our design and developments teams collaborated to provide a series of website wireframes so we could establish an SEO friendly structure with modern layout

Interactive prototypes

Our design teams provided a series of interactive prototypes (mobile & desktop) which were used to test and evaluate the interfaces for physical and fuctional userabilty

Website Development

Development consisted of building an email mapping system which parsed data from emails received by the global maritime service into a database. We then mapped the data onto Google maps and developed a filter system. The next step was to amend the cms system to enable multilingual functionality.

Website Testing and Delivery

The testing phase looked to identify compatibility and fuctionality issues. We also provided Mast Security with a bugs list form which enabled them to report any problems they faced in a timely manner. Once all the bugs were ironed out we provided tutorials showing how to maintain and update their website. We also supplemented this with sending Mast Security a full video tutorial

Objectives and challenges
Mast Security objectives were to:
Create an automated risk map system with real time updates
Create a multilingual website and cms system
Have a clear user journey via call to action boxes and filters
Design an ecommerce system which enables users to buy their services
Design an ebook download system
The website must be mobile friendly

Frameworks and Applications
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