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Tippett Quartet approached us to build a website which sells their records, showcased their music, advertised their events and competes with industry rivals.

For over a 20 years, Tippett Quartet has entertained critics and audiences with its excellent performances and brilliant programming. They have performed all over the world and have pursued a keen interest in educational work.

The Process

Website Wireframe

Our design and developments teams collaborated to provide a series of website wireframes so we could establish an SEO friendly structure with modern layout

Interactive prototypes

Our design teams provided a series of interactive prototypes (mobile & desktop) which were used to test and evaluate the interfaces for physical and fuctional userabilty

Website Development

The website was built on the wordpress platform which offers a powerful website content management system and bundles of flexibility. We developed a music player which enables Tippett to upload individual tracks that users can play. We built an events booking system which lists all of Tippett’s events in a calendar format. We also built a responsive news section which enables Tippett to upload PDFs and news clippings.

Website Testing and Delivery

The testing phase looked to identify compatibility and fuctionality issues. We also provided Tippett Quartet with a bugs list form which enabled them to report any problems they faced in a timely manner. Once all the bugs were ironed out we provided tutorials showing how to maintain and update their website. We also supplemented this with sending Tippett Quartet a full video tutorial

Objectives and challenges
Tippett Quartet objectives were to:
Create an attractive website which enhances their brand identity. Create responsive media players which allow audio and video plackback as well as an events booking system.
Management cosisted of a content manangement system and mobile friendly awareness.

Frameworks and Applications
Wordpress CMS
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