Content Management System vs Paid Updates

A CMS or a ‘Content Management System’ is a system that allows a user to control and manage all content within their web site – without any technical training (apart from tutorials). A CMS will allow the user to delete & edit textual and media content instantly. It also saves web design agency costs and will mean that you can keep your website constantly up to date.

There are many advantages to managing your own business website, such as being able to instantly update your website with new information when you want to but there are various things you must also consider:

Do you really know what you’re doing? Have you got time to learn the mechanisms of your website? Website Maintenance can be very involved. You will have to know how to make, create and implement new visual elements and media, maintain website analytics and search engine optimisation,manage your online marketing campaign and implement web optimised content.

Can you fix something you have messed up on your website? This can cause a major problem for people who manage their own websites. Your website being down can lead to lost sales and the expense of a website developer fixing it

Do you understand computer language? When managing your website, problems can arise or changes need to be made by your web hosting company. If your web hosting company instructs you to update your PHP ini file to get your website updated this is going to sound double dutch to you resulting in the problem not being solved

Have you got all the tools needed to maintain your website? Implementing graphical and media visuals via a content management system requires a graphics/media package such as photoshop which can cost £400+. Maintaining and Improving search engine optimisation means that you have to Update and populate Google and Msn developer tools

SUMMARY – Both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses so give us a call and we can attain the best solutions for your personal needs

Case Study

Content management systems are a frequent request within most of our current workload. See one example of a company that has benefited from our content management work. View Deep Firm project.

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