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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take you to build my website

A web designer is like a builder. They are there to build your premises and put the furniture in but the client needs to agree on the design, agree on colour schemes, agree the layout and pick the furniture. This is exactly the same as a website. For a website to be built in the shortest possible timescale a client needs to be very active in all the stages of the design (Remember without your agreement work grinds to a halt). Another factor which clients fail to think about is that the content in your website is a major task to prepare so get the content ready as quickly as possible. Last but not least there are various costs involved in building your website from hosting the site to time spent on building so get the deposit paid in a timely fashion

Why is my site not being shown on the first page of google?

If I had a penny for every time i was asked this I would be a millionaire. All our websites are fully optimised which will give you a good grounding in improving your search engine rankings but there are plenty of other steps needed when trying to improve your search engine rankings. Marketing your website is a very complex and time consuming task. Not only does it need constantly updating with relevant keywords, but people need to click on your website for rankings to improve. This can be done via social media, directories, blogs etc. Dwd offer a very affordable web marketing package which can solve these problems