How Google’s New Search Result Layout Affects Search Marketers

Google as of late started showing up to four ppc adverts higher than natural desktop query items and uprooted the advertisements on the right-hand aspect.

On the off chance that you’ve seen things moving in Google’s SERPs, you’re not mistaken. Google has been expanding the number of its ppc listings, appearance to four advertisements higher than desktop query items, and in the meantime removing the promotions on the right-hand aspect.

Google has been trying four advertisements higher than the natural results for a considerable length of time, but it was only for a tiny amount of inquiries. Presently, a bigger scope of inquiries — particularly “exceedingly business enquiries” — are most likely to serve four promotions. So let’s explore the pros and cons

Pros of the new search layout

Advertisements that are placed higher than natural desktop query items get 14X more clicks than those that feature on the right-hand perspective. Adverts with a better click through rate will always appear above natural desktop query items rather than on the right hand side where you receive a lower click through rate.

A lot of adverts on the right-hand viewpoint have gone to squander (from an execution point of view). Consequently moving a considerable measure of advertisements above natural search can improve campaigns.

Less promotion positions means that the average position reporting is a lot more accurate. Beforehand, there have been up to eleven promotions on a page which would skew your average position and create far more competition. Going forward there will only be seven adverts per page (maximum) all located above the natural search

Cons of the new search layout

Fewer adverts on a page, will result in higher bidding due to companies competing to be on the first page near the top

Now more than ever we will see the importance of having a two prong marketing strategy. PPC will still deliver the expected results but will become significantly more expensive so concentrating on your organic seo position will allow you to focus your PPC finances more strategically. If you need Seo services london contact us


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