How much does a website cost? Website design cost in 2020

The most vital considerations when discussing web design cost is that your website will grow as your business grows.

The cheapest website options are to build your own website using templates. The website cost of How much does a website cost? Website design cost in 2020this can range from £50 to £100 from companies like and will give you a functioning website, but will be very limited.


The next option is to hire a website designer. This is always a better option as a web design company will have ears of experience building websites and will know the best processes and functionality to build a website that fits your company’s needs. The factors when determining the web design cost are


  • The skill level of the web design company. A company with years of experience will cost significantly more than a recently graduated freelancer
  • The type of website the customer requires. There may be clients who require simple information only websites whereas other clients may require complex applications such as ecommerce system which will significantly increase the website design cost


If you are in the initial stages of planning your new website and need an idea of web design pricing I have listed below a rough guide of website costs


  • Basic templated static website with no content management system. 4 pages. £300
  • Custom website design, with a content management system that allows you to edit your website. 5-10 pages. £850
  • Ecommerce website cost and complex applications 10 pages+ Starting from £1200


We build websites that will satisfy a client’s budget, and we will provide a thorough web design cost before any job is started. If you require a more detailed idea of website design pricing please use our cost estimator

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