Improve your videos SEO

Getting on the first page of a search engine is the number one objective of a businesses seo strategy. Google and Bing in recent years are adopting combined search results consisting of anything from images to videos. If your website features videos they can rank highly in the search engine rankings but these need to be optimised to match what people are searching for.

Below is a list of steps to maximising your videos search engine optimisation

Content should be relevant to your brand, informative, current and provide clear concise instructions.

Use a catchy title with informative keywords but don’t overload the title with

keywords as Search engines will penalise you for this.

Create a simple video sitemap and submit it to the search engines.

Create an enticing thumbnail.

Display video embed codes with all your video content

Share your videos on social media.

Allow users to engage with your videos via comment system.

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