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The retail and hospitality sectors have taken a battering over the last 12 months, with stores and restaurants closing. Following a pretty torrid period that saw lockdown restrictions and long periods of not being able to do much. This has necessitated that retailers diversify the outlets they sell through.

Are you looking for web design in Watford? We are web designers based in the local community of Watford, and we would love to help your business. The web is constantly changing — keeping up with it can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. With numerous clients located in the atria watford shopping centre, we help brands and businesses large and small reach their digital goals.

As a local agency, we also deliver exceptional sites to Watford’s business park thriving local business community, forming a lasting partnership with local companies and contributing expertise and value.

Delivering mobile-friendly websites that are rich in content and built for engagement on mobile devices, we make your clients, consumers, and target audience care about what you have to say.

Advantages of using a web designer based in Watford

Meetings in person

Face-to-face interaction

Having face-to-face meetings is more convenient for some people. Being local makes it simple. Meet with your website developer in person to discuss all of your ideas, bring along any documents or images you have, and get a sense of how he or she works. If you choose a website designer who is 500 miles away, this becomes more challenging.

Knowing your local market is also imperative

Local website companies can be beneficial to small businesses selling products and services locally. Their knowledge of the area and potential customers is crucial. Their expertise can help you position your website to reach the right audience.

Familiarity with the local market
They will not disappear

They will not disappear

When you hire a company that you can only connect with digitally, you run the risk that one day they will disappear. You might never hear back from them, they might never respond to emails, and there is no office where you can easily visit.

What does that mean for your company and your online presence? What does this mean for your web presence and digital marketing efforts?

When you hire a local web design company, they won’t stop responding overnight. Just like you, they are a small business serving your community with digital services and search engine optimisation.

A greater sense of accountability

It is much easier for a local digital agency to demonstrate accountability than it is for a non-local agency. Since their reputation is at stake, they will provide you with the best possible service in order to protect it.

Local web design companies serve other small businesses in the local area, and every client they have is essential to their ability to maintain and get new clients.
Furthermore, they care about your community and economy. Their goal is to support local businesses since that’s what’s best for their community and economy.

If you hire a company whose headquarters are a thousand miles away, they won’t have any stake in your success. Ultimately, they aren’t really as concerned about what happens to your business and your community.

A greater sense of accountability
Local clients provide testimonials

Local testimonials and references can also be valuable

It is likely that a local web designer will have many local clients and websites that they have designed. As a result, you will be able to see who and what they have created and even get to speak with your web designer’s clients to get some honest, unbiased feedback.

Additionally, you can ask other businesses and people that you know for recommendations for local Watford web design companies who are great to work with. When you don’t serve local cities, word of mouth is very difficult.

Network with your local web design company

Another advantage of working with a local web designer is that they are already established and well known by other local companies. Through networking opportunities, you’ll be able to build local relationships and help each other out. As well as building several websites based on recommendations from customers, we have also recommended several customers to other clients and won them more work.

Other factors will need to be considered when choosing a web designer, such as a competitive price, skill and timeline, but working locally may also bring additional benefits to your next website project.

Build a relationship with a local web design company
The benefits of custom web design for SMEs

Our custom web design services to benefit Watfords SMEs

Our web design services aim to identify your objectives so we can ensure your website is engaging, interactive and has a clear layout that allows your users to reach their defined goals.

We focus on user experience to ensure improved bounce rates and maximise your conversion rate. This is key to ensuring that your website pays for itself and you continually see a return on your investment

Services include

Interested in seeing what Digital website design could do for your business online?

Why choose a local web design company?

As a local web design company, we know the local market and customers. In order to create a website and digital marketing strategy that is effective for your company, this is absolutely essential to the process. Your local market is not a focus for a web design agency that is far away from yours.

The benefits of a website designer watford for small businesses in watford

How can web design benefit small businesses in Watford

Increasing sales and boosting revenue through the use of web design can be a powerful tool.

Users determine whether you’re credible based on the design & development of your website. Therefore, if your website is outdated, visitors won’t view you as trustworthy and will avoid your website. As a result, your business will lose out on sales.

Your website should be clean and modern so that visitors feel comfortable browsing or shopping there. In turn, this increases the likelihood that they will buy from you.

You can boost revenue and sales for your company by investing in professional web design. With a visually appealing website, you can grab your audience’s attention and engage them in your content

It’s time to take your sales to the next level

Happy Clients

Sphynx Cats
Sphynx Cats
28. November, 2019.
I have been working with digital website design for a number of years. They have built a me a great website and gone above and beyond to maintained it and suggest improvements. Excellent service and highly recommended
all sorted! Consulting
all sorted! Consulting
2. July, 2015.
Outstanding customer service and great value for money. DWD managed to create a dynamic, responsive and quite complex website and CMS for one of my projects – the Menuhin Competition London 2016. It was a tight schedule – only four weeks – and we could launch on time with no glitches. It was great working with Lee and Ricardo and I would recommend them without hesitation and work with them again anytime.
Singing Bunny
Singing Bunny
13. November, 2014.
DWD could see my vision and knew exactly what I wanted. I know I can trust them to carry out the work and am always happy with the end result. I would recommend their services every time!
12. November, 2014.
I’ve worked with Digital Website design for a while now and only trust them to deliver on all our business expects. Very creative team who always deliver when requested.
Karen kozangian
Karen kozangian
28. April, 2014.
Digital Website Design built my company website and provided an excellent professional service. I was involved in each stage of the website build and was completely satisfied with the service they provided
Farida Aliyeva
Farida Aliyeva
28. March, 2014.
As their customer I can say Digital Website Design has a very nice, responsible team. Everything they do is performed in a very short time. If I need more assistance with creating or redesigning a website, it is them I am going to work with!

What is the process of creating a Watford web design project

To ensure a successful project, we have worked hard on our process.

Listed below are the steps we follow to ensure success.

In addition, we’ll ask what you like and don’t like about the site. We believe this is the most important step because it means we have a full understanding of your business and how we build the best possible website.

How the site will meet its objectives, i.e., what pages and features it will have.

Now that we’ve defined the scope, we can start defining how the content and features we mentioned in the scoping definition will work together.

Also, we assist you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure you are found for profitable search terms in Google.

As part of the design service, we will produce some design proofs for your review.

As soon as you are happy with the brand and designs, we move on to the most important phase: building your bespoke website.

During the website build you can be part of the collaborative process and we will give you the chance to review your site and give us your feedback.

Now that everything is working perfectly, it’s time to launch your site!

Looking for Web Design Watford: Why Digital Website Design?

When you go looking for a digital agency or a web developer in Watford, you have a lot of options to choose from, so why choose us when there is so much choice?

We’ve worked with clients of all sizes and complexities and we can boast a fantastic portfolio of genuinely awesome websites, campaign destinations, microsites, content marketing campaigns, and SEO articles – along with video, social media, infographics, and viral campaigns.

Our project quotes come with no hidden charges or uncertainties at all, so you can rest assured that we are reliable. Quotes, prices, and processes are simple, jargon-free, structured, and transparent. We will explain exactly how the web development process works as well as how much it will cost, and we will ensure you get true value for your money by researching your business and your industry and providing exactly what you have requested.

We can help you grow your business by delivering superb results if you’re a local business looking for the best Watford web designer.

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About Watford

Watford is a large town and borough in Hertfordshire, England, 15 miles northwest of Central London, on the River Colne.
Area: 21.5 km²
Postal Code: WD1
Hotels: 2-star averaging £47, 5-star averaging £430
Local Time: Monday 2:58pm

Watford's Local Digital Marketers: A Short History

With a fascinating history, Watford has the advantage of having Watford Museum located in the town centre, which can tell visitors more about how the area grew from an ancient settlement and became a thriving town.

A settlement in the 12th century along a route used by travellers, the abbot of St Albans asked the king to grant him a charter to host a weekly market. In the marketplace, livestock could be sold and other goods could be traded. Up until 1928, it was held in the same square, known as ‘Market Place’, in the town centre. They still host a market and it is now held in the middle of the city, on The Parade, which is easily accessible and is open Tuesday through Saturday.

St. Mary’s Church

Parts of St Mary’s Church date back to the 13th century, making it the oldest building in Watford. The tombs and memorial structures within the graveyard provide valuable insight into the people who lived in the parish and how the area evolved into an industrial hub.

In 1867, that same year John Dyson, the son of John Dyson Senior, who has been producing beer since 1751, was buried, Watford had become a very different town as streets and houses had been built and farmland had been cultivated. The greatest and most rapid changes to the town occurred in the early 1800s when the Grand Union Canal enabled goods to be transported quickly and made things more accessible. Watford not only benefited from the canal, but the opening of the railway in 1837 provided links to London and the West Midlands, thus encouraging new industries such as printing, which grew and it became an established industrial city by the early 1900s.

Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury Park was once owned by the Abbey of St Albans, and later became the property of the Earl of Essex. It was once known as the “gem” of Watford. It covers over 190 acres and was purchased by Watford Borough Council in 1909. With cycling paths, walking trails, fishing areas, and the Grand Union Canal running through it, the park is a wonderful place to explore right outside your front door.

In 1881, the football team Watford Rovers was formed by permission from the Earl of Essex to kick a ball in the park. A rival club “Watford St Mary’s” merged with West Herts to form Watford Football Club in 1898. Vicarage Road has been the home ground of Watford FC since 1922.

Watford Museum
Terry Scott, who lived in Watford Fields once, opened the Watford Museum in 1981 in the former offices of Benskin’s Brewery. Museum displays include local history and industry, such as printing, brewing, Victorian Watford, Watford at War, 20th Century Watford, Watford Football Club, and the Cassiobury Collection of fine art, some of which have been digitised.

Watford web design FAQ's

Listed below are the Faq’s we receive about web design

It really depends on what your website goals are and how complex you want your online store or professional website to be. Generally speaking, most web design companies will need anywhere from 100 to 600 hours to complete a project.

This time frame will be broken down into various stages, such as the discovery process, the design process, the development process, and the final stage, improvement of the website.

The number of hours required for each stage will depend on factors such as the business goals to achieve, the complexity of the concept, and the level of the development team. However, by working with a reputable and experienced web design company, you can be confident that your online store or professional website will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

A beginner website can cost as little as £3/month with a website builder, though prices for advanced, custom-made websites made to your exact specifications by a web designer could cost thousands of pounds upfront.

With a CMS like WordPress, you can have a professional-looking website for around £30 – £1,000 a year. Depending on your needs, you may want to consider investing in seo tools or a personal plan to help small businesses get found online more easily.

Whatever route you choose, there are many affordable options available to get you started.

Depending on the type and size of website you need, you can expect to pay an upfront cost of anywhere between £750 to £20000+ in total for a website designer.

In addition to the upfront cost, you will also need to pay a monthly fee for hosting, which will be around £7 for a small website and upwards of £100 for a larger website Alternatively, the cost of building a website using a cheap website builder typically ranges between £13 and £220 per month.

If you need a website for your business, it is important to invest in a professional website that will reflect well on your company. A website designer will be able to create a custom website that meets your specific business needs.

In addition, a professional website will be easier to navigate and more user-friendly than a website built with a cheap website builder. Ultimately, the cost of your website should be based on your company’s needs and budget.