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Google reported that more people search on their mobile than on their desktop so having a mobile website design for your business is no longer an option, but a necessity. A mobile friendly website design is a lot different from your desktop website so we have listed a number of tips which should be considered to achieve the best mobile website design

Mobile technology develops so quickly that your mobile sites could look good one year and dated the next. Therefore plan the layout and look of your website so it can constantly evolve to new technologies.

Keep your desktop content and mobile content the same so people who are familiar with your website are not confused when they land on your mobile website.

Mobile websites currently take a lot longer to load than desktop sites so your mobile website design must be simple and streamlined: The space on a mobile phone to display information is very restrictive so displaying important pieces of information that your visitors will be looking for as call to actions is critical.

Do not use flash as many phones do not support it. Disable moving interactive options on a phone as they consume resources and mobile browsers may not like them. eg hover states, roll overs etc

Make sure web fonts and images are optimised for mobile by using adaptive sizing.

Design with thumbs in mind if you are going to adhere to good mobile website design. Pinching the screen to press buttons is not acceptable to mobile users so make sure buttons are big enough to press.

Provide an option to view the full website as users patience is very limited if they cannot find what they are looking for.


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