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Pay per click advertising

What is pay per click advertising?

PPC advertising stands for Pay Per Click Advertising and this means that you can pay for traffic to your website. By using PPC you can pay for your site to appear at the top of a search engine page. Search engines use Pay per click marketing by permitting businesses to buy listings, which are on their search results. You can bid on these ads in an auction and the higher you bid, the higher the chance of getting a number 1 ranking on the list of sponsored results.

When your PPC listing has been clicked on, the “clicker” will be directed to your website and then you will be charged for the amount that you had bid. (Note. You will be charged for every click.) If you spend enough money on your PPC advertising, you can create a flow of traffic immediately. Remember, the higher you bid, the higher you rank and therefore you will be seen before any competitors. PPC marketing is a very fast way to advertise and in some cases traffic can be produced within minutes of starting an account.

Pay per click advertising can be altered much quicker than natural search engine marketing, as the campaigns can be changed in hours rather than weeks. This is a huge benefit for when you want to change the text of your ad. It is also a much cheaper option than other advertising tools, which you have to pay for.

We are a Pay per click company who will tailor a PPC campaign by getting to know and understand your business, the industry you are in, and your competitors. We will also make sure that you are using keywords that are most relevant to your business. Our PPC experts, will ensure that all your ads are gaining the correct traffic at the lowest prices. After carrying out tests to research what your customer’s want, a landing page will be designed. Using data analysis, we will compose reports, which will give a perception of how your PPC campaign is performing. We can provide you with an affordable campaign and create a customer package just for you.