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The mission

To maintain their online presence, Kozana London required an ecommerce platform that would be scalable across all mobile platforms and an efficient team to maintain it. Using our years of experience and deep thinking, we created a new web solution and visual identity to help the brand flourish.


Business startup – 2021


Kozana London is a family-owned business with years of experience and a desire to create desirable styles. Since their arrival in London, Kozana London has been committed to offering luxury high fashion footwear.

We knew the editorial masterminds would require some robust tools to manage their content flow on the back end of this site. Thanks to Advanced Custom Fields, we were able to provide their team with the ability to edit and create articles, post their latest videos and update their podcasts. We also created a custom dashboard that allows multi translation and multi currency


In order to improve navigation and make related content more accessible, we set up a new and more efficient web structure as well as a new site architecture. An increase in user engagement and a decrease in bounce rate have resulted from these changes.

To facilitate site usability for overseas customers, language and currency selectors have been included. We have added quick buy options to popular products on the home page to help with the sales funnel


Konzana London was redesigned from the ground up. By creating a unique color scheme at kozanalondon.com, we created a cohesive visual identity that guides the user through the categories and connects similar elements seamlessly.

Additionally, a strong typography combination was defined as part of the overall brand impact.


We created a completely customized WP theme for this website due to its high traffic demands. All page assets have been minified and optimized, and ajax is used to load all content below the fold.

Several speed optimizations have been implemented as well. A payment gateway provided by Barclays was integrated into the website along with shipping rules based on the origin of the customer

DWD have an inspirational creative process. They are highly skilled and produce refined quality work.
Priscilla Samuels
Business owner

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