Quick tips to improve your Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Website Designs have compiled a list of tips for implementing search engine optimisation and improving your search engine rankings.

Make sure all content is well-written, unique and interesting focusing on keywords and keyword phrases

All pages should have unique titles.Titles should be keyword rich and adhere to the characters allowed by search engines (usually below 70)

Add new interesting content on a regular basis so search engine spiders see fresh relevant content every time they crawl your site

Create links to your site using keyword phrases.

Always use alt attribute on images and use appropriate keyword names

Avoid Flash and iframes if possible

Submit your website through to Google and Bing

Implement a good link building strategy

Use caption with images where possible

Link out to other sites and they may link back to you

This was just a small insight into Digital Website Design’s SEO procedures. For more info on Search engine optimisation packages we can offer contact us

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