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Responsive Website Design

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Responsive website design has become an absolute necessity with the rise of smartphones, tablets and smart watches. With so many devices having different screen sizes its extremely difficult for a website designer to create many different layouts for each device. A responsive website solves this conundrum by automatically responding to its user’s changing platform or environment such as screen size, orientation etc

Some of the key advantages of a Responsive website are as follows:

Ensures your website is easily accessible

Most people do not walk around with a pc or laptop but there is a likelihood that they will have a smartphone. Implementing responsive web design ensures people can reach your optimised website 24 hours a day which means you will never lose a sale

Ensure users remain on your website

It gives a pleasant viewing experience to users, hence increasing the number of returning visitors. It tailors the User Interaction dependant on the device they are on leading to increased userability/conversion rates

Responsive sites are easy to maintain

It is easier to manage and publish content at once rather than doing it for 4 different websites meant for various devices.

Google recommends responsive web development

Google, recommends that all websites are mobile friendly. This will improve your search engine rankings and ensure that you are up to date with website requirements.

When you are planning to build a responsive website it is key that optimisation is at the fore front of every decision that is made to ensure that your website loads quickly on mobile devices. This includes optimsed images, compression of website elements & content and eliminating unnecessary content.

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Design Audit

Analyse and assess the current state of your website


Concept and Planning

Creating wishlists, wireframes and a site structure


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