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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

SEO teamed with social media marketing can create a large amount of traffic to your website as it allows organisations to create profiles on multiple social sites to connect with their communities in different ways. Our social media services focus fundamentally on social media networks to engage the right type of visitor to your website. We also use social media sites to help advertise and promote a business’ services and/or products.

Advantages of having a social media strategy

A good social media strategy can help create links that aid your SEO strategy. A lot of people use the search option on a social media site so that they can find certain social media matter which inturn can influence the suitability of many search results. Social media marketing is a way of getting people to improve your business online. You can create a big network of people for your business through social media sites. By updating your social media profile regularly you can promote your business ideas and promotions instantly and get customers feedback and ideas.

Importance of picking a good Social media agency

At Digital Website Design we can help you set up social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pinit to name a few, using all the correct text and your company logo. Our social media marketing team can then start work on broadening your network on these sites. We will then engage with potential customers using different ideas and after analyzing what works best with the customers, we will then use the results to create new ideas to gain better results. Digital website design understands that web marketing and the implementation of social media can be a very complex task so give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Social Media Marketing Package

Website Branded assets across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: Includes templates / cover images and photos
Artwork for Twitter – Branded Tweets
Artwork for Facebook – posts and campaigns
Artwork for Instagram – promos
Copywriting for Instagram – promos
Copywriting for Facebook – posts and campaigns
Copywriting for Instagram – posts
Targeted Ad Campaign generation for Facebook
Daily updates across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Bespoke Article Artwork generation for your website
Bi-Weekly article posts for Facebook
Re-Distribution of articles on your Website
Re-Distribution of articles on Asos Website
New Business Leads/Referrals – Bloggers / PR / Sales
Mail list generation
Email template design
Monthly Reports