The importance of website maintenance

Maintaining your website means checking your site for mistakes, updates, new directives from search engines, relevance to your industry and protecting it from hackers. Website Maintenance is a worthwhile cost and should be done regularly to ensure your website stays healthy and your search engine rankings continue to grow.

Benefits of website maintenance

Keeping your software updated

A website is very complex therefore they need to be kept up to date to maintain performance and security. This means updating the core cms software, themes and plugins.


Website security is a vital part of maintaining your website. A website can contain multiple files and 1000s of lines of code so hackers can eventually find vulnerabilities and backdoors so they can exploit your website. To protect your website keep it updated with security patches and have a good security software attached to your website.

New customers/Customer retention

If you do not maintain your website the likelihood is that:

  • Links will be broken
  • Indexed pages may be deleted leading to loading errors
  • Website content will be old and not relevant to your potential customers

If you have any of the scenarios above a customer will potentially use one of your competitors who keep their website maintained.


Search Engine Optimisation is key to your business growing by improving your search ranking on search engines. Search engines such google or Bing will reward websites that are optimised, updated with new content and are free from infections. Regular website maintenance is key for your SEO plan.

Unless you have the technical knowhow to maintain your website we recommend you leave it to

Handling your own website maintenance is like trying to fit a kitchen. You may think you can do it but you are better of leaving it to the professionals. Don’t let your website become irrelevant and redundant. Get one of our website maintenance packages at a great website maintenance cost and see your business prosper.

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