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It’s important to keep your website up-to-date with the latest security updates, latest content and performance tweaks in order for it to be optimized. This will ensure that you are able to potential clients long enough for them to successfully convert when buying goods or services and allow you to outrank your competitors in search engines results pages (SERPs) and fulfill your business goals. Keeping your website healthy and optimized should be a part of your business goals. After all, it is their primary resource for attracting customers and generating leads. Website maintenance is an important factor in ensuring that your website ranks well on SERP result pages, brings you traffic and allows you to engage with customers.
What Is Website Maintenance

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance can be one of the most important aspects of maintaining Ecommerce websites as products are constantly changing. If you don’t have a plan for how you are going to deal with regular updates to your site, then you are running the risk of harming any profits that may come in from your website.

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Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

People who maintain their websites regularly will see higher click through rates and visitors on the site overall. By keeping your website current with fresh content and new plugins you can increase potential customers by as much as 50%. It is more than likely that you have spent a good amount of money on your website, so why would you risk losing potential business.

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Why Is Website Maintenance Important
How much does it cost to maintain a website

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

When it comes to website maintenance services, the cost depends on the type of website you have. Website maintenance packages can cost anywhere from £85 a month all the way up to several hundred pounds or more depending upon how complex and interactive the requests are as well as what level of expertise in web design they require.

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Our website maintenance services

With our website maintenance services, we look after your website and, we’ll keep your business website up-to-date in an efficient manner and provide you with the ability to focus on your core business activities. Our website maintenance services will ensure your website remains up-to-date and maintained which will alleviate any problems that could occur if you were to handle the upkeep of your website yourself, such as:

  • Keeping malware threats at bay with our security protection software
  • Keeping your website optimised with software updates and speed improvements to your website
  • Building in new functionality

We can help with any design changes to make sure your site looks good on all devices, including mobile. We provide the services of both a front-end developer and back-end developer so we can build new functionality to better engage your customers.

Here are some of the website maintenance services we offer

website speed optimisation services

Speed optimisation

Website Optimisation is extremely important as no one wants to wait for a slow website to load up.

As most people are using the internet on mobile devices these days, it is substantial that they still receive the same service as they would if they were using a desktop with fast connections.

Website Performance Optimisation can help reduce bounce rates, increase the flow of traffic to your website and increase sales if it is done in the correct way

website security services

Website Security | Site Backups | Recovery Design

In recent years the number of websites on the internet has decreased because they are no longer active. A lot of these inactive websites are offline due to being hacked. Hacking is extremely common.

The hackers are not always interested in the content of your website, but also in the use of your server so that they can send out spam emails or illegal files.

This is why securing your website is vital. We offer plugin updates, content delivery network implementation, regular security updates, security scans and more.

web development services

Content Updates & Development tweaks

Content is the voice of your site. The modern meaning of content goes beyond text on your web pages. It can include changing, formatting or optimizing images and other assets; making changes – additions, deletions or modifications – to the menus and navigation on the site.

It’s important to keep your site up to date with the latest technological advancements and changes. Forced updates can happen due to a number of factors, such as new mobile devices or technology. Some common reasons for updating content on websites include:

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What happens if you don't maintain your website?

The health of a website is very important for many reasons. Google wants to rank websites who have relevant and updated information in their search engine result pages. Google is not required to index web pages especially if they suspect they have malware. If your webpage isn’t professional, customers will often go elsewhere.

The longer your website is not updated with fresh content, it becomes stale and the user experience becomes poor. If your website falls behind on too many updates, you’ll start to see a drop in online traffic and will likely be removed from Google’s search engine results pages. If you don’t go ahead and make website updates and tweaks and the website is not protected against malware and hackers, there are a number of problems that can occur.

These include:

Security Threats
Malware, spam emails and viruses could be sent out from your server if it has been hacked into. This can lead to legal action against your business and a loss of money.

Lost Traffic
If you don’t keep up with updates, things may go out of date on your website and people will be less likely to visit because they won’t trust it. This means that traffic decreases, which reduces the amount of revenue you make from the website.

Website Issues
If your website is not kept up to date, it may encounter issues like sudden errors or unexpected downtime. This means that the user experience of your website is poor and your target customers won’t trust doing business with you because you cannot maintain your own website.

Outdated website
Other visitors may avoid visiting your website if it looks out of date compared to others on the internet. Even if your website is filled with top quality content, it will not perform as well as other websites that are regularly updated.

Website maintenance can help you avoid these issues by keeping your website safe, updating and regularly checking your content and ensuring that it is running at the optimal speed.

graphic design services example

We can look after your website for you

We know that maintaining a website can get overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you with everything from the smallest tweak or plugin install up until your next update! You don’t have to worry about fixing any issues that may come up with your website as we do it all for you.

As part of our website maintenance services, our clients have the luxury of having access to a team that is more than just developers. Our strategists, copywriters and support staff can help them with all aspects of your business needs. As part of our website maintenance service will also help with design services such as print advertising, social media campaigns, branding and more

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