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Website Optimization is extremely important as no one wants to wait for a slow website to load up. As most people are using the internet on mobile devices these days, it is substantial that they still receive the same service as they would if they were using a desktop with fast connections. Website Performance Optimisation can help reduce bounce rates, increase the flow of traffic to your website and increase sales if it is done in the correct way.

What Causes Performance Problems?

Unfortunately there will be some things that will cause performance problems and will slow down your page. External resources such as Style Sheets, Images & Scripts can cause loading of a page to slow down because every time you go to load something from a different server, and include different JavaScript libraries, you will double the amount of time it takes your page to load. The use of JavaScript can slow down the experience of loading a document as it is not HTML or CSS and therefore uses the JavaScript engine to take a look at the text that has been written in the script block. With regards to images, a lot of designers create visuals using programmes such as Photoshop, and save them as JPEG. If images are not optimised this can have a major effect on a website’s speed.


Collate Scripts & Load Scripts on Demand

Using a procedure called “lazy loading” you can add JavaScript to your page after it has loaded and using certain tools you can choose the parts you need from the JavaScript library and load them on the page automatically.

Use Image Sprites

If you use an image sprite, once you have loaded your main image, all of your images will be readily accessible, and rather than making many HTTP requests, only one will be made. Also, as the images are all kept in one file, they will stay cached on your machine.

Use Network Distributed Hosting (CDN)

Ensure that a hosted version of your files is used if using a library or CSS supplied by a library. This will make sure that you save on bandwidth and therefore can upgrade the library in a simple manner. Also, anyone that visits your website will get the JavaScript and CSS from the server which is closest to them, geographically, so they will receive the information quicker.

Test Your Performance

There are some great tools that you can use to find out how you can optimize your website. Some will permit the use of checking your website performance issues, whilst others will do most of the optimization for you and will monitor the activity of your page.

Optimise Your Images

Try using image optimiser for example, to optimize your images. This programme uses different tools to analyse your images and send you ZIP files of them, containing the smallest versions, therefore doing all the hard work for you.

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