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Affordable Local SEO Packages to Grow Your Business

Want to improve your local search rankings and attract more customers? Digital Website Design offers excellent local SEO packages to give your business the visibility it deserves. Our experienced specialists will guide you through identifying your key search terms and building backlinks. We’ve helped many small businesses succeed, and our services suit all types of companies. Choose from a range of local SEO packages in the UK to meet your unique needs. Boost your local business listings today!

Local SEO Packages

What is Local SEO, and why is it important

Local SEO is a strategy that helps local audiences find your business in search results. It encompasses a range of techniques, such as optimising page speed and creating quality content, to help you rank higher in local searches. For instance, a search for “electricians near me” is a local search, while “electricians” can come from anyone, anywhere.

Investing in local SEO, whether through a local SEO company or your in-house team, is worthwhile because it can:

  • Make your business more visible to local shoppers: most consumers use search engines to find local information like sports shops or supermarkets. With local SEO, you can increase your chances of being discovered by local shoppers.
  • Bring more traffic and sales: A high ranking in local search results leads to more visibility, traffic, and sales. The first search result receives a third of all search traffic, and half of the users visit a store within a day of searching locally.
  • Target your service area: With local SEO, you can focus on advertising and marketing to specific regions that matter to your business. This is particularly beneficial for companies that operate locally, even if they also have an online presence.

If you want to expand your business, consider investing in local SEO. It’s a proven, cost-effective strategy to help you reach local customers and grow your business. Optimising your local presence is still valuable even if your company operates online and in a physical storefront.

Whats included in our Local search engine optimisation packages?

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Included in all Our seo packages

Local Website Optimisation

Local Website Optimisation

Our Local SEO packages include on-site optimisation to improve local search engine results visibility. We create location-based landing pages, target relevant keywords, improve user navigation with an internal linking structure, ensure mobile-friendliness, and optimise conversion rates. Publishing detailed content and helpful information with strategic internal links can help businesses rank higher and attract more local customers. A reliable local SEO package can optimise a business’s website to rank for profitable local search terms, resulting in more leads and sales.

Local Content & Link Building

We make it easy for Google to find your pages in local search results by building links and publishing relevant content. Our team creates quality content tailored to your target audience and includes internal links that guide users through your site. Plus, we use advanced techniques to build a linked system of pages that directs visitors back to your home page. Our local SEO packages combine content creation and link building to improve your search presence and attract customers in your area.

link building strategies
Local Listings & Citations

Local Listings & Citations

Consistency is key to building trust with Google and improving your website’s ranking. You can achieve this by maintaining uniform business information across the web. Local citations, which include your business name, address, and phone number, are essential for ranking well in local search results.

Our local SEO packages include auditing and optimising business listings to ensure accuracy and consistency. By improving your online visibility, we can enhance your organic rankings and help you reach more local customers.

Local SEO Reports

Monthly reports are included in our local SEO packages. Our reports provide insights on local search rankings, organic traffic, and website conversions. We use local SEO software to perform keyword research, analyse competitors, audit sites, track rankings, and create reports.

Our user-friendly reports give you full access to analytics data, including visitor tracking, traffic sources, and engagement. We also provide technical SEO reporting to identify and fix any issues.

Local SEO Reputation Management

Make a great first impression with our Local SEO Reputation Management service. We’ll help you reduce negative content in search engine results pages and create positive links to your brand. Our content promotion strategies include blogger outreach, content marketing, link building, and PR. We’ll also monitor and manage online reviews to boost your local SEO ranking.

Count on us to deliver informative, engaging, and credible content on high-authority websites. Don’t let a negative online reputation hurt your business, trust our SEO strategy and local listing expertise.

Google My Business Profile Management Services

Google My Business (GMB) is a vital part of local SEO. With it, appearing on Google Maps and Local Finder is easier. As a local SEO agency, we provide a GMB management service to ensure your profile is healthy and optimised. We also ensure that important information like your address and hours of operation is readily available for potential customers. Additionally, we keep an eye out for any issues or spam and fix them on your behalf.

Keyword & Market Research

Keyword & Market Research

Local SEO keyword research is finding location-based keywords that people use when looking for services, products, or amenities in their areas. It’s important because it helps businesses show up in relevant local searches. Our SEO copywriting service tailors your content to align with your customers’ language, showcasing your company understands their needs. Keyword research is essential for online marketing success, including SEO.

Local SEO Packages

Get more traffic at an affordable price with our low cost Local SEO packages. In addition to our three affordable Local SEO packages below, we also offer custom SEO packages. Get in touch with us to discuss a bespoke solution for your new small business website.

Choose from one of our affordable Local SEO packages uk. Our Local SEO packages are the best in the UK

Start up Business Website

  • Website Audit
  • Local SEO roadmap
  • Keyword analysis
  • Google Business Profile Creation
  • 4 Google my Business Posts
  • 5 Citations Per Month
  • NAP & website consistency update
  • Location page Setup
  • Monthly Report

Enterprise Seo Package

  • Includes Advanced Features
  • External Link building
  • Schema Creation
  • Performance Optimisation
  • 30 Google My Business Posts
  • 20 Citations Per Month
  • Related Entity Blog Posts
  • Ecommerce Local Seo
  • Link structure optimisation

How does Local SEO Package work?

Local SEO packages are strategic steps designed to boost your Google search ranking. Unlike national SEO, local SEO focuses on factors within the searcher’s proximity, such as NAP citations, online reviews, social media, and Google Business Profile.

NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. Our local SEO package pricing ensures that your business’s NAP is accurate and consistent across all directories, like Yelp and Google Business Profile. Consistent information builds trust with targeted customers and drives foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store.

Our multiple-location SEO packages prioritise online reviews related to your business. When you choose our local business SEO package, our team monitors the tone of reviews and responds promptly to any negative feedback. You can rely on our team to handle your business’s reputation management.

Our local SEO services pricing also includes social media management. We know the importance of producing high-quality content on various social media platforms. Our team creates stunning photos, videos, graphics, podcasts, and more to enhance your online presence and drive traffic to your store.

Having a Google Business Profile Listing is crucial for your local SEO ranking. Our Google Business Profile Optimization package is a great way to start optimising your business for search engines. Filling out your business information accurately and completely will help your business rank higher in search results.

Choose the best local SEO package for your business today and watch your online presence grow.

Our Local SEO Packages Can Boost Your Business

Pick up your phone, search for “best web designer” on Google, and see what pops up. The top results won’t be the best web designers in London or part of some big company. They’re usually locally-owned web design agencies near you. That’s where local SEO comes in.

Over half of all Google searches, today are local searches. Even if someone does a regular search, Google often shows local businesses in the area.

This is crucial if you run a small business. According to Google, searches with the phrase “near me today/tonight” surged drastically in 2018. To give searchers the best results, Google now shows more relevant, prominent, and nearby results.

If your business is close to customers, offers what they’re looking for, and has optimised local listings, you’re more likely to be found online. Our local SEO packages can help you reach more local customers and climb higher on Google’s search results.

SEO Packages FAQs

When it comes to finding the right local SEO campaign for your business, various factors come into play. On average, professional local SEO consultants offer packages ranging from £400 to £4,000 per month. Explore our affordable and comprehensive cheap local SEO packages for optimal results.

A typical Local SEO package includes Google Business Profile Management, Keyword research, on-site optimization, Link building, Website speed optimisation, and Content creation.

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