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How much does a website cost?

The launch of a new website can feel daunting for small businesses. The first thing to think about when thinking about having a website is – how much will my website cost?It’s imperative to think about your new website or existing website as an investment. Your return on investment is higher if you invest in a quality web design agency and a quality strategy.

In order to obtain a website quote, you’ll need to:

  • Have a clear idea of your end goal for your new website
  • Who should your website cater to
  • How would you like clients to use the site?
  • How will your employees manage it?
  • Do you plan to sell products or services directly on the site?

Calculate web design costs easily with our website design cost calculator UK

Website design costs are challenging to pinpoint for business owners, since there is no such thing as a fixed price for web design. To arrive at a final quotation for a web design project, there will be many emails and meetings with our web designer.

Web design costs fluctuate but you can find a reasonable web design price. The key is to limit your choices to functionality that is needed opposed to functionality that is wanted. Our web design calculator is the first step to establishing what you require at an affordable website design prices.

Why is digital marketing important

Use our website design cost calculator

It is very difficult for our web designers to give you an accurate price without an in-depth understanding of your project. However, our cost estimator is an excellent tool for getting a good sense of what the price will be. With the help of our website cost calculator, you can calculate an estimate using standard assumptions.

We offer a variety of website types and components for you to choose from. Once you have selected all of your requirements, an estimation will be provided and you will have the option to complete our short form to receive a detailed estimation and an accurate quote


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The final estimated price is :

Website Cost Calculator

Get an estimate of your website costs by selecting the options below

Please note that our cost calculator prices are based on a new website build. Prices may increase when integrating functionality within an existing website.

Website Type

According to your requirements, please select one of the following:

Marketplace website

Landing page

Directory website

Video Streaming Website

Business website

Magazine website

E-commerce website


Booking website

Educational website

Estate agency website

Recruitment agency website

Website Content

Please select the number of pages or products you require for your website, copywriting is an optional extra: Nb  Product pages and Product category pages are dynamically created so you will only be charged for 1 product page and 1 category page regardless of how many products or categories you have. If each product or category page needs to have a custom design then this does not apply.

Each page will receive 700 to 1200 words which will be keyword optimised & topic research

Quote is based on a 10 page website


Please choose any additional features or extras:

Google Analytics

Set up Google analytics on your site and install tracking codes/tags as needed to view visitors/sessions and site engagement.

Facebook Analytics

Set up Facebook analytics on your site and install tracking codes/tags as needed to view visitors/sessions and site engagement.

Instagram Analytics

Set up Instagram analytics on your site and install tracking codes/tags as needed to view visitors/sessions and site engagement.

Social share buttons

Set up Facebook and twitter buttons which will share your content

GDPR compliance setup

GDPR compliance setup including privacy policies and cookie consent.

Create a blog/news section

Create a blog/news section that lets you easily add new posts to your site.

Newsletter sign-up form

A newsletter sign-up form for your website, which integrates with mailchimp

Website Hosting Setup

Set up of Domain name, Hosting, SSL Certificate, CDN setup and DNS setup.

Filterable Portfolio

A filterable portfolio to display case studies or a portfolio of work.

CRM Integration

Integrate your website directly with your CRM to automatically capture leads.

Product Migration

Product migration from an old website to a new website up to 500 products

Ebay Product Migration

Product migration from an ebay to a new website up to 500 products


Please choose custom functionality, such as a booking system or login system, during this step.

General website functionality

Pop up

Pop up with image, text, form and CTA

Conditional Popup

Conditional Popup based on user interaction

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial image & text Carousel Widget with testimonial page creation

Testimonial Video Carousel

Testimonial Video Carousel Widget with testimonial page creation

Conditional Menus systems

Display Different menus based on various conditions

Sticky header

Sticky header – Menu will remain at the top of the screen while scrolling

Mega menu

Mega menu – an expandable menu that is displayed in a two-dimensional dropdown format.

Slide out sidebar menu

Mobile slide out sidebar menu with burger bar menu button

Responsive video header

Responsive video header with autoplay functionality

Conditional forms

Conditional forms – A Form field will display dependent on other form fields being selected

Multi step form

A form broken down into multiple pieces across multiple pages

Form submission section

Form submission storage section within the backed

Full screen menu

Full screen menu with burger bar menu button

Search Functionality

Search Functionality – Features autocomplete, live search results and a styled search results page

Responsive sliders

Responsive sliders with text overlay

Responsive animated sliders

Responsive animated sliders with text overlay and CTA button

Ecommerce functionality

Quick buy popup

Add to cart popup from the shop page

Product filter

Category page product filter

Customised product filters

Customised category page product filters (Different filter options on each category page)”

Customised category pages

Customised category pages

Customised cart pages

Customised cart pages

Customised checkout pages

Customised checkout pages

Integration of Paypal

Integration of Paypal payment gateway

Standard payment gateways

Integration of standard payment gateways such as stripe

Bspoke payment gateways

intergration of Bspoke payment gateways

Discount code setup

Discount/Coupon code system

Customised shipping

Delivery Or Pick Up date options. Allows your customers to select the date on which they want to receive the delivery/pick up of products

Conditional checkout fees

Conditional checkout fees Eg Set extra charge based on the selected delivery or pickup date”

Ecommerce menu cart

Ecommerce menu cart – Mini cart dropdown within the menu

Product attribute options

Product colour/image options- displays product options, such as color, fabric or design

Personalized Products

Personalized Product Option input fields – adds input fields on product page to personalise product

Out of stock email notifier

Size and colour out of stock email notifier

Custom checkout fees

Custom checkout fees Eg Gift wrapping service

Payment plans

Payment plans / Pay deposit options

Multi step checkout

Multi step checkout

Business, Booking, Blogging & Magazine Functionality

News ticker

Add a scrolling newsticker which will display the latest news

Latest news slider

Add a slider which displays the latest posts from your website

Latest news slider

Add a slider which displays the latest posts from your website with category colour styling

Booking Calendar

Add a booking system to your website with auto update of date and time slots for multiple services

Ecommerce Booking System

Add a booking system to your website with auto update of date and time slots for multiple services including payment options via Paypal/Stripe

Guest posting system

Guest posting system with front end submission and admin edit/approval

Image galleries

Photos are displayed in a grid or a carousel that can be scrolled through to view images

Video galleries

Video galleries are displayed in a grid that can be scrolled through to view videos

Membership intergration

Membership intergration with Subscription options and payment gateway

Social media auto publish

This lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to social media networks

PDF Download Feature

Integration of PDF download button

PDF within webpages

Integration of PDF pages within your webpages.

Social Stream

Display a Facebook Feed /Instagram Feed /Twitter feed / Youtube video feed

Cost calculator

Display a list of services with prices and allow customers to calculate the total cost

Restrict content

Hide content from users via passwords

Private area

Area for users with login system dash board and menu items

Time slot deliveries

Enable a calendar so users can specify delivery dates at checkout

Marketplace Functionality

Geo location search filter

Search of businesses or services via postcode/address with results page

Detailed Vendor Store Analytics

Allow vendors vendors to see the analytics for their stores

Ajax live search

Product and vendor search Functionality – Features autocomplete, live search results and a styled search results page

Vendor returns system

Allow customers to return products and vendors to process a refund

Vendor event cancellation system

Allow vendors to cancel events and process refunds

Stripe adaptive payment gateways

When a customer makes an order, the admin commission and the vendor earnings will split in real time

Customer reviews of vendor

Allow customers to leave on vendor storefront

Shipping management

Allow vendors to manage shipping

Estate Agency Functionality

Location property search

Enable property search based on location categories and attributes

Geo location property search

Property search based on postcode/address and property attributes

Property alert system

Email alerts of new properties

Client signup and dashboard

Allow clients to Sign up, Save properties and create email alerts

Street view

Integration of google maps street view on property listings

Recruitment Consultancy Functionality

Category location job search

Enable job search based on location categories and attributes

Geo location job search

Job search based on postcode/address and job attributes

Job alert system

Email alerts of new jobs

Client signup and dashboard

Allow clients to Sign up, Save jobs and create email alerts

Educational Functionality

Live Stream lessons

Enable live streaming lessons within your website with login system

Group Courses

Create group courses where lessons run succinctly

Course Subscription Integration

Sell Courses via Subscription or Membership

Courses rating & wishlist

Allow users to add courses to their wishlist & rate courses. Ratings

Contact for a website design cost estimate

Enter your details and a brief summary of your project to receive a copy of the the selections you have made above and a full cost breakdown:


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

Use our website cost calculator to estimate web design costs

Calculating the cost of website design can be a daunting task, especially for those new to the business. The price of web design changes annually, and there is no such thing as an “average” web design cost. However, businesses and designers alike can find sensible prices for web design by using a website cost calculator.

Our web design cost calculator is a great starting point for anyone in need of an estimate for website design costs. It won’t provide an exact web design price quote, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. As you can see in the website pricing calculator, there are many possibilities to consider, and both parties should work together to figure out how those possibilities will impact the project financially.

For businesses, it’s crucial to determine which web design options are needed to lay the groundwork for the rest of the website work. For designers, it’s important to determine what can be charged for different design qualities while staying competitive.

The total value of a website’s design is more than just the cost to produce it. Website design costs encompass a range of factors, including design quality, functionality, and complexity. By using our web design cost calculator, businesses and designers can gain a better understanding of website design costs and make informed decisions about their project.

Factors that affect a Website’s Cost

Website Type

If you’re planning a website project, it’s essential to understand the different types of websites available to you. The most common website types include blogs, ecommerce sites, online portfolios, and corporate websites. However, several other website types are available, and knowing the differences between each one can help you determine which is best for your specific needs.

By understanding the various types of websites, you can make an informed decision about which type is most suitable for your business or website project. Whether you’re looking to start a blog, sell products online, showcase your work, or establish an online presence for your business, there is a website type that can help you achieve your goals.

So, before starting your website project, take some time to research the different website types available and determine which one aligns with your needs and objectives. With the right website type, you can create a professional, user-friendly, and engaging online presence that helps you achieve your goals and reach your target audience.

  • Marketplace website = Our online marketplaces connect sellers and buyers through e-commerce. In an electronic marketplace, all transactions are managed by the website owner, such as eBay. Starting from £1500
  • Landing page = Our landing pages are standalone web pages that people access from emails, ads, or other digital sources. Starting from £340.
  • Directory website = Our web directory websites includes contact information or a list of links to other sites that fit into a relevant topic eg yellow pages. Starting from £680
  • Video Streaming Website = Our video streaming websites allow users to view videos online without downloading them, e.g. YouTube. Starting from £1040
  • Business website = Our Business websites are generally used to provide general information about your business. Starting from £680
  • Magazine website = Our magazine websites are an online platform with articles, images, and multimedia content related to a specific topic or theme, such as news, sports, fashion, or lifestyle. Starting from £340
  • E-commerce website = Our Ecommerce websites are for businesses that sell products and services online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores. Starting from £680
  • Blog = Our blog websites are for people or businesses who want to regularly update their websites on a variety of topics. Starting from £340
  • Booking website = Our booking websites have a reservation system that allows guests to book and pay for tours and activities online. Starting from £510
  • Educational website = Integrated into our educational websites is an interactive platform designed to present information to a variety of people: Starting from £1020
  • Estate agency website = Our estate agency websites are an online platform that provides real estate listings and services for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants: Starting from £680
  • Recruitment agency website = Our recruitment agency website is an online platform that connects job seekers with potential employers: Starting from £340

Website page quantity

Every website has a range of essential pages that are important for providing information to visitors. These include the Home page, About page, Services or Product category page, individual Services or Product page, Contact Us page, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Sitemap.

For each of these pages, the starting price is £100, which covers both web design and web development. This means that the cost of a website will depend on the number of pages you require. However, the minimum number of pages required for most websites is typically around eight.

A recruitment agency website is an example of one type of website that may require these pages. Such a website would connect job seekers with potential employers, and may require additional pages such as a job listings page or a candidate registration page. Overall, the cost of a website will depend on the complexity and functionality required for the specific business or organization.

SEO Copywriting

If you find it challenging to create content for your website, you’re not alone. Writing copy that’s optimized for search engines can be even more challenging. That’s where we come in. Our SEO copywriting services are designed to help you create content that’s not only well-written but also optimized for search engines.

Our SEO copywriting services start at £100 per page, which is based on 1000 words. This means that we can help you create high-quality, optimized content that will engage your readers and help your website rank higher in search engine results.

By working with our team of professional copywriters, you can be confident that your website copy will be optimized for the right keywords and phrases. This will help your website appear higher in Search Engines

Website functionality

A website’s functionality is the set of features and capabilities it offers. A website’s interactive and dynamic elements include navigation, forms, search, multimedia content, e-commerce, and other things.

A website’s functionality determines how it works and how users can interact with it. An e-commerce website would have features like shopping carts, payment processing, and product listings.

Functionality is important for a website’s success, since it affects user experience and can impact conversion rates and engagement. Having a website with good functionality makes it easier for users to accomplish their goals and find the information they need, which can improve user satisfaction and business results.

An example cost of functionality for an ecommerce website

Website & Functionality

Average CPC

Ecommerce website with content management system


8 Pages


Customised side bar product filters


Customised product variations


Multi step checkout


Conditional checkout fees




Fixed Price Websites

Introducing our exclusive fixed fee websites, a hassle-free solution tailored to meet your web design needs. With our cutting-edge instant quote calculator for websites, you can now obtain a precise estimate of your web designing cost in a matter of seconds. Our team of experienced and dedicated freelance web designers ensures that your website not only looks visually appealing but also functions seamlessly, providing an exceptional user experience.

We understand the importance of transparency, which is why we offer fixed price websites that eliminate any hidden costs. Whether you’re in need of a personal blog, a business website, or even an online store, our website design services cover a wide range of options to cater to your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide reliable web hosting services to ensure your website is always accessible to your target audience.

Embrace the convenience and affordability of our fixed fee websites, and let us bring your online presence to life with our top-notch web design solutions.

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