How much do google ads cost UK

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What is the cost of advertising on Google?

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that allows businesses to display their products and services to potential customers. It can appear in various forms, such as search engine ads, display ads, and video ads, with different costs-per-click. In 2023, companies will spend between £100 to over £20,000+ per month on Google Ads, with an average cost-per-click of £1 to £2 for the Google Search Network and less than £1 for the Google Display Network. However, the final charge depends on several factors.

Without a solid online advertising plan, businesses risk being overlooked in online searches. Google Ads pricing is a common concern, with questions like how much do Google Ads cost, how much does Google Ads cost per click, and whether Google ads are expensive. Before starting a campaign, it’s important to understand the costs and how to get the most out of PPC campaigns to plan a successful strategy. By doing so, businesses can stand out from their competitors and get the attention they need online.

How much do google ads cost UK

How much does it cost to advertise on Google UK

The cost of advertising on Google UK varies depending on the competition for your chosen niche. There is no minimum or maximum spend required, but bidding against other advertisers for top ad slots means that Google ads costs may increase with higher demand. Niche markets with lower competition may cost just a few pence per click, while more competitive industries like mobile phones could cost upwards of £30 per click.

A small budget of around £200-£300 per month can achieve success in low competition markets, but costs can quickly rise to £500-£1000 per month for clicks costing between £1.00 to £3.00. The average cost-per-click for all industries on the search network is between £0.88 – £1.77. The Google Ads platform allows business owners to manage their ads, choose effective keywords, set daily budgets, and keep costs affordable.

Google ads cost is influenced by the Google Ads auction, so it’s important to assess what competitors are paying for the same keywords and decide whether to bid more for the same keyword.

Average Google ads CPCs

Ads Provider

Average CPC

Google Ads Search Network


Google Ads Display Network


Google Shopping


Microsoft Ads


What is the budgeting process for Google Ads?

Setting a budget for monthly Google Ads spend can be confusing, especially for beginners. But understanding the key terms and how they work together can help you make the most out of your advertising budget.

Key Terms to Know

Before we dive into budgeting, here are some key terms you should be familiar with:
  • Budget: The amount you’re willing to spend on Google Ads.
  • Bid: The maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad.
  • Spend: The amount Google deducts from your budget when your ad participates in an auction.
  • Cost: The actual amount you pay for a click on your ad.

Setting a Daily Budget

When you create a campaign in Google Ads, you’ll be asked to set a daily budget. This is the maximum amount you want to spend each day on that particular campaign. Note that this doesn’t mean Google will spend that exact amount every day. Instead, it’s an average amount you want to aim for by the end of the month.

Spending Limits

Google can spend up to 100% more than your daily budget if it means more clicks or conversions. This means you should set a budget that’s slightly lower than your actual budget to avoid going over your monthly limit.

Calculating Your Average Daily Budget

To calculate your average daily budget, divide your budget for the month by 30.4. This will give you a daily budget that you can use to set your daily budget in Google Ads.

Setting Bids

Your bid is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your ad. You need to make sure your bids are high enough to compete, even with Quality Score helping you pay less for higher positions. You can set one maximum CPC per ad group if you bid manually, or different bids for each keyword in that ad group. By understanding the key terms and how they work together, you can set an effective budget for your Google Ads campaigns. Make sure to set a daily budget that’s slightly lower than your actual budget, calculate your average daily budget, and set competitive bids to get the most out of your advertising budget.

What is the cost of a typical click in Google Ads?

Cost Factors


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Google ads agency


Google Ads Management tools


Google Ads pricing can be complicated, but the key influence on how google ads pricing varies, is the keywords you’re bidding on. Higher intent and more competitive keywords will cost more than lower intent and less competitive ones.

Average CPC in Google Ads

The average cost per click (CPC) in Google Ads on the Search Network ranges between £1 and £2 for all types of businesses and keywords. On the Google Display Network, clicks tend to be cheaper, averaging under £1.

Cost-Per-Click for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords account for the majority of web searches and are often significantly cheaper than shorter, keyword-rich queries. While the intent may not be as strong, long-tail keywords still have commercial intent, presenting opportunities for advertisers. For example, a broad keyword like “scrap car dealer” may cost £8 per click, while a long-tail keyword like “how to scrap my car” may only cost £2.10 per click.

What are the Benefits of Advertising on Google Ads?

Google Ads provides numerous benefits, albeit the pricing is dependent on factors such as your industry, strategy, and competitors. Nonetheless, companies invest in Google Ads for various reasons. If you are contemplating using Google Ads but remain indecisive, this breakdown of its advantages may help you arrive at a decision.

Control of the budget

When it comes to budget control, Google Ads outperforms other advertising channels. To open a Google Ads account or launch a campaign, there is no minimum investment required. You could even begin with a test campaign on a budget as low as £3 per day. However, the competitiveness of the niche and keywords selected will determine the results. Nonetheless, you can increase your budget as necessary.


Google Ads works in real-time, enabling you to scale up or down as soon as you’ve identified the success or underperformance of a campaign. Unlike other channels, there is no requirement for a contract or a monthly spend. The potential for scaling with a Google Ads budget is limitless. For example, if a campaign brings great results with a spend of £100 per month, you can easily increase the budget to £1,000 or more.

Data Analytics

Access to data is one of the major advantages of Google Ads. You have complete visibility into campaign performance with Google Ads. You can view the number of times your ad was served, the number of clicks, conversions, and even the time of day when your ad performs best. Additionally, you can obtain information about the type of users who click on your ad. The data available via your Google Ads dashboard is extensive, unlike the limited analytics offered by traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio, or newspapers.

In conclusion, advertising on Google Ads is a viable option for businesses looking to grow. Its budget control, scalability, and analytics are just a few of the reasons why companies invest in the platform.

Maximise Your ROI with Google Ads

Now that we understand the Google Ads costs, let’s dive into some of the strategies you can use to maximise your ROI:

Cut Out Underperforming Keywords
One of the most effective ways to improve your ROI on a Google Ads campaign is to cut out underperforming keywords. Analyse your ad campaign’s performance and identify which keywords are not driving conversions or leading to high costs per click (CPC). Eliminating these keywords enables you to focus on those that are generating results and allocate your budget more efficiently.
Add Negative Keywords and Use Long-Tail Keywords
Another essential step is to include negative keywords in your campaigns. Negative keywords prevent your ad from appearing on searches that are unlikely to result in clicks or conversions. This can help reduce wasted ad spends and improve your overall ROI. Additionally, consider using long-tail keywords, as they are more targeted, less competitive, and often have a lower CPC.
Optimise Your Landing Page for a Better User Experience
Having a well-optimised landing page is critical to your Google Ads success. Make sure your landing pages provide relevant information, have clear calls-to-action (CTAs), load quickly, and are optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. A high-quality landing page can significantly boost your ad’s quality score, which can lead to higher ad rankings and a lower CPC.
Adjust Budgets, Monitor Spends and Consider Remarketing
Regularly keep an eye on your campaign’s budget and overall ad spend. Be prepared to adjust your budget based on campaign performance to ensure your most effective ads receive sufficient funding. Additionally, consider using remarketing ad campaigns, which target previous website visitors who have not completed a desired action. Remarketing can prove highly beneficial in increasing ROI, as it often has a lower CPC and higher conversion rate.
Hire a Specialist for an Optimized Ad Spend
Lastly, consider hiring a Google Ads specialist or a marketing agency to manage your campaigns. These experts can bring invaluable experience and insights, helping you optimise your keyword selection, ad copy, and bidding strategy to maximise your ROI. While it may seem like an additional expense, their expertise can often help your business achieve better results and ultimately save you money in the long run.

In summary, implementing the strategies mentioned above can have a significant impact on improving your ROI on Google Ads. By cutting out underperforming keywords, using negative keywords and long-tail keywords, optimising your landing page for a better user experience, monitoring your ad spends and budget, and potentially outsourcing your Google Ads management to a specialist, you can make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

By following these strategies, your business can reap the benefits of increased brand visibility, more targeted audience reach, and ultimately, better overall performance in the highly competitive, digital marketing landscape.

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