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Web Design Pricing Guide

How much does web design cost?

You’re thinking about getting a website for your business or brand. But how much does a website cost? A professional website can make a big difference to your online presence, bringing in more visitors and customers. But how much should you expect to pay for web design services?

Generally, the price of designing a website ranges from £1000 to more than £10,000+, and in this web design pricing guide we’ll break down the factors that affect the price and talk about the benefits of investing in a professional site.

After reading our web design cost guide, you’ll know what to expect in terms of web design pricing and how it can help you.

Web design pricing

Web design rates

Web designers charge based on how much time they spend planning, designing, and building a website. They might charge per hour or per day. Different types of web design companies charge different hourly rates because they have different costs.

  • Offshore web companies in countries where living costs are lower might charge £8 – £35 per hour.
  • Freelance web designers who work from home and have fewer expenses might charge £25 – £60 per hour.
  • Small web design agency with office space and staff to pay might charge £50 – £75 per hour.
  • Large web design agency with lots of highly skilled staff and fancy offices might charge £75 – £150 per hour.

The type of company you choose depends on what you need for your project and what skills you want to have access to in the long term. If you need help with branding, marketing, search engine optimisation, or custom programming, a larger agency might be a good choice.

Remember, the price you pay for web design depends on the type of company you choose and the amount of work they do.

The factors that affect web design costs

To learn about the cost of website design, you need to know what factors affect it. When you’re having a website created, these are the key things to consider.

How many pages

When you want to make a website, you have to decide how many pages you want it to have. If you already have a website, you need to count how many pages you want to change. The more pages you have, the more money it will cost to change or make the website.

Remember that the website cost will go up if you want more pages on it. It’s important to think about the website cost before you start making it so you can budget correctly.

The design of the website

The way your website looks is also important in deciding how much it will cost. You need to think about what kind of design you want for your website. Do you want it to be simple or more complicated? It is important to think about the kind of business you have and what design would best represent it. For example, if you have a business that sells organic products, your website should look different from a website that sells fancy things.

Choosing a more intricate design will cost you more money, because it takes more time and effort for a web designer. If you want a simpler design that still looks good, it will cost less money.

Website images and videos

To make your website look even better, you’ll want to add some pictures or videos. It’s great if you can take the pictures yourself, because then they’ll be special to your business. But if you’re not very good at taking pictures, you might want to think about hiring a professional photographer. That can be quite expensive though, usually between £20 and £50 per hour.

Another option is to use stock photos. These are pictures that someone else has taken and you can buy the right to use them. There are many websites where you can find these photos, like adobe stock. Just be careful not to use too many, because then your website might look like lots of other websites.

SEO Copywriting

Do you need to create a website? Then you’ll have to think about the words that go on it. Writing all of these can be a lot of work especially when your are optimising for search engines, so you might choose to include SEO copywriting services in your website design costings.

Having this extra service could mean that your website costs more, but don’t forget to look at how much each page will cost too. This way you can make sure that your website project stays within budget.

Responsive Design

A responsive design is an integral part of web design, so don’t forget to include it in your web design pricing. With responsive design, your website will look great and work well no matter what device your audience is using. Your website design costs should include responsive design to ensure a positive user experience. This will lead to more leads and conversions.

Content management system

You’ll need a content management system (CMS) if you’re planning to use content marketing to boost your website. Your website can be updated quickly and easily with a CMS, while you can also integrate blogs into your site instead of going to a third party. It might be an additional web design cost, but investing in a good CMS is a must if you want to take advantage of content marketing more.

Website functionality

Website functionality can have a huge impact on website design pricing. Your quote might go up if developers need to code sections specifically for your site or if you need complex functions like forms or booking systems. Make sure you consider all of these factors when getting a website design quote! Don’t forget that the more complex your design and functions are, the more you’ll pay.

Professional Web Design Cost

The cost of professional web design varies as it depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the design, the functionalities required, and the uniqueness of the design. Companies charge different prices for their services, depending on their expertise and the quality of work they provide.

A unique design may cost more as it takes longer to create, whereas of the shelf designs may be cheaper. As of 2023, a simple website design may cost between £800-£2,000, while a more complex one may cost £3,000 or more. The price may also be affected by the urgency of the project. To estimate the cost of your website, you can use our website design cost calculator

Example of how much a custom website costs

Having gone over all the details and options, let’s look at an actual example:

You’ve decided you want a local web designers to build you a small business website that will stand out and make you look professional for years. Using a £340 agency rate:

  • Consultation: 2 hours, £90
  • Research: 1/2 day, £170
  • Wireframe: 2 days, £680
  • Build: 4 days, £1,360
  • Imagery: £125
  • Handover: 2 hrs, Free
  • Testing and Launch: 2 hrs, Free
  • Domain Name: Free
  • Web Hosting: £225

Total example: £2560 with ongoing costs of £225

Website design cost

What has caused web design costs to rise

The cost of web design has increased due to a rise in demand. Nowadays, a website is one of the first things businesses consider when launching. Web designers have improved their techniques and have access to better tools, making it easier to create a decent-looking website.

However, building a high-quality, strategic website that includes advanced features like live chat, self-selection tools, and calculators, requires more work than ever before. In addition, optimizing a website for page speed, accessibility, and user experience is more important than ever.

All of these factors can affect the cost of a website redesign, whether done by oneself, a freelancer, or an experienced web developer. As of 2023, businesses may need to pay more for a well-designed website due to these increasing requirements and expectations.

web design cost

Use our website cost calculator to estimate web design costs

If you have a limited budget and no web developer, then building or redesigning a website using a website builder or a WordPress website is the cheapest option. However, the real “cost” is the time and effort required to create your website.

While a website builder prices start at a few hundred pounds, the functionality, performance, and ease of use of these themes can vary widely. Template Monster offers affordable WordPress site themes for around £40, but you will need managed WordPress hosting on top of this.

When selecting a theme, consider the level of customization, ease of updating, and out-of-the-box templates. You should also check to ensure that the theme has received positive reviews and allows you to make edits without technical skills. Another option is using a website builder like Elementor, which is a back-end editor that you install on WordPress.

This allows you to create content and edit the visual features of your theme with ease, using a variety of modules and widgets with unique formatting and styling options.

While website builders are affordable, they may not accurately reflect your company’s brand or aesthetic. Good web design is an art and instills trust in your clients, so it’s best to leave it to experienced web developers to create a website that effectively converts leads into customers.

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